5 Axis CNC Design & Build

This is the beginning of a new project that I’m starting to design and build a 5 axis CNC machine. Computer controlled 5 axis machines are very powerful tools as they allow for complex parts to be created with great accuracy. Here’s one of the best examples I’ve seen of a 5 axis machine in action:

Typically 5 axis machines have a starting price of around £100,000 excluding tooling and software which makes them rather unattainable for small businesses or individuals. So, over the coming months I will be designing and building my own low cost machine, with the intention of using it to cut wood, plastic, brass and aluminium.

The project aims to set a new standard for the design of ‘home made’ machines by starting from the first principles of machining and using the results of numerical techniques and FEA to drive the design.

I will be releasing the plans for the final design and the techniques used to determine the design parameters and evaluate the machine’s performance to the community, so that others are able to make their own low cost 5 axis machines with confidence. I also hope to work with component suppliers so that fellow builders will have easy access to the components they require.